RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)


André Anjos can do no wrong. He’s been releasing remixes under the moniker RAC since 2007 and consistently serves up unique arrangements instead of opting for the cliché four on the floor club beat most remixes suffer from. After successfully re-imagining tracks for top indie talent (Alex Winston, Foster The People, The Shins, etc) and music icons (Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley) it comes as no surprise that RAC is beginning to release original material.

His second original release, Let Go, does not disappoint. Drama and suspense are delivered via rising tremolo strings reminiscent of a Hitchcock film, which give way to a laid back drum beat and flourishing arrangement with Kele and MNDR as featured vocalists.

Don’t miss RAC’s Don’t Talk To EP out on October 1st via Cherrytree Records and catch the first ever live band tour this November.

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