Panama – Always


A nostalgic, uplifting piano jam.

Always does an expert job layering repetitious parts to create arc and excitement. I really like how the chorus feels big and spacious without overexerting itself.

Panama is an indie pop disco dance band from Sydney, Australia. Pay what you will for their latest EP Always out on Future Classic.


MOZ – Gent


A driving, warm, washed out dream.

Each instrument in Gent meticulously portrays a specific feeling — the electronic drums provide a space to dance, noodling melodic guitar parts provide a bright human element, and the washed out, reverb-drenched vocals make this song plain dreamy — as a group they flourish.

MOZ is an indie electro dream pop trio from Guatemala. Check out their EP Vacuum.


French Horn Rebellion – Caaalifornia Feat. Ghost Beach

French Horn Rebellion

ex-classical musicians + the best coast = bliss

Caaalifornia mixes intriguing digital loops with funky bass lines before unleashing a shout chorus with a hefty four on the flour drum beat and 80s synths to boot. If you’re in denial about Summer ending, this song will brighten your day.

French Horn Rebellion is a brotherly duo originally from Wisconsin who now reside in Brooklyn, NY. After spending time playing french horn in the Chicago Civic Orchestra they decided to explore a new musical style.


Trails and Ways – Nunca

Trails and Ways

upbeat Brazilian groove + Sao Paulo + Drake and Jorge Ben

Trails and Ways is a bossa nova dream pop band from Oakland, California. Their sound is a beautiful mix of flamenco and bossa nova featuring high guitar leads, bouncing bass, and keyboards accompanied by all four members singing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Alex Winston – 101 Vultures

Alex Winston

Reverb drenched vocals accompanied by a brooding choir create an enchanting space easy to get lost in. The restrained drums propel the production to new heights without distracting from the story. Listening to 101 Vultures is beautiful like watching sunlight stream through the fog during the golden hour.

Alex Winston grew up in in Detroit, Michigan before joining the creative ranks in NYC.


Wet – U Da Best


With vocals that aren’t afraid to stand on their own, U Da Best is the definition of restraint. The song progresses with a minimalist beat and tasteful guitar work, but never feels gratuitous — it’s an honest indie R&B slow jam.

Wet is an indie R&B band from Brooklyn, NY.


CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share


Chopped vocals, claps, and interesting synth hits accompanied by one of the sweetest indie voices around — what more can you ask for?

CHVRCHES is an indie synthpop band from Glasgow, Scotland and have been the band to watch for quite some time. This track still sounds fresh to me after a year of listening and I wouldn’t be surprised if it receives a second breath of life due propelled by the release of the band’s debut album The Bones Of What You Believe, which is currently streaming on the band’s official site.


Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U (Carling Ruse Remix)

Carling Ruse

Carling Ruse = Girl + Keyboard + Computer.

This remix does justice to Destiny Child’s 2004 hit “Cater 2 U” by utilizing heavenly bell like keys, tasteful stutter vocals, tight snares and a peaceful droning bass synth. The track does a beautiful job of creating an atmosphere by combining sounds while still giving space to allow the original vocals to shine.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Carling Ruse does next.